Beny Moré

Beny Moré, known as "El Bárbaro del Ritmo," was one of the most influential musicians in the history of Cuban and Latin American music. His vocal versatility and ability to blend genres such as Cuban son, mambo, and bolero made him an iconic figure.

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Beny Moré was born on August 24, 1919, in Santa Isabel de las Lajas, Cuba. From a young age, he showed innate talent for music, excelling as a singer and composer. Throughout his career, he worked with various orchestras and musical groups, gaining recognition for his unique style and stage charisma.

In June 1945, Beny Moré signed a contract with Discos Orfeón, one of the leading record labels of the time in Mexico. This association was a crucial step in his career, allowing him to reach a wider audience through the recording and distribution of his hits.

During his time with Discos Orfeón, Beny Moré released a series of albums that became Latin music classics. Songs like "Bonito y sabroso" and "Qué bueno baila usted" stood out for their infectious rhythm and unmistakable style, solidifying his reputation as one of the greats of Cuban music.

Throughout the years, Beny Moré continued to leave his mark on music with his unparalleled voice and passion for the art. His legacy endures to this day, inspiring musicians worldwide and keeping alive the essence of Cuban and Latin music.

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