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This instrument constitutes the terms and conditions (hereinafter, the Terms and Conditions) of the website www.radioformula.com.mx (hereinafter the “Site” or “Website”) or its mobile application known as “Radio Formula ” (hereinafter the “App”) applicable to the access and use of the services offered by Infórmula, S.A. de C.V., (hereinafter, Radio Formula Digital) which are indicated below in an illustrative but non-limiting manner:


Use of the website and/or the Radio Formula App


Use of Radio Formula Social Networks


Use of Radio Formula Alexa Skills (understood as Amazon's cloud voice service available on Amazon devices and other devices with integrated Alexa)


Use of Radio Formula Podcasts


Using Radio Formula streaming radio


User will be understood as any person who enters the Radio Formula Digital Website and/or App.


Any User who accesses the Site and makes use of the services offered therein may do so, subject to these Terms and Conditions, and consequently is also accepting its Privacy Notice; Otherwise, in the event that the User who does not accept these Terms must immediately refrain from using this Site or App.




The editorial content is not necessarily the opinion of Radio Formula Digital, which is why the opinions expressed on the website (https://www.radioformula.com.mx/) and the Radio Formula Digital App are the exclusive responsibility of the author. .




The right to public communication of each and every one of the contents of Radio Formula Digital, as well as the use and exploitation of all the works that are published on the Site, are for the exclusive use of Radio Formula Digital, who is the sole owner. of copyright and industrial rights and have the exclusive power to authorize or prohibit the reproduction, publication, edition or fixation of a work in copies or copies by any means, including printed, electronic, digital or similar media, as well as its distribution, transmission and/or any public communication.



Any distribution, publication or commercial or promotional exploitation of the website, app, social networks and Alexa Skills or any of the content, code, data or materials of Radio Formula Digital is prohibited without express consent.




Likewise, the alteration, editing, deletion or in any other way the variation of the appearance or change of purpose of the contents, codes, data or materials of the website, app, social networks and Alexa Skills is prohibited.




The violation of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions constitutes a violation of the rights contained in the Federal Copyright Law, Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property and related, as well as the criminal order in force in the United Mexican States; as well as in other jurisdictions.








Radio Formula Digital is the owner of the website: (https://www.radioformula.com.mx/, [SYES1] as well as each and every one of the rights, titles, brands, interests, intellectual and industrial property, domain ( s) and other copyright and industrial property rights that are contained in this Website, App, Social Networks and Alexa Skills. Likewise, Radio Formula Digital is the owner of the copyright, industrial property and related rights regarding the elements. literal and non-literal software, such as source code, object code, graphical interface, multimedia elements, graphic elements, characters, algorithms, flowcharts and audio elements, selection and arrangement of database contents.




Likewise, you have sufficient rights to use and exploit the audio content, photography, illustrations, graphics, video, copies, texts, software, titles, names, columns, files, codes, data, materials, appearance, environment, design, organization, compilation of content.








All trademarks other than Radio Formula Digital, its affiliates and/or subsidiaries that appear within the Website or through the services themselves, are the property of their respective owners.




Nothing disseminated on this Website should be interpreted as granting a license to use or any right to use trademarks or intellectual property rights.




No information and content that is disseminated or placed on the Website may be used without the express consent of Radio Formula Digital or its legitimate owner.






The User guarantees their compliance and agreement that, while accessing and using the Website, App, Social Networks and Alexa Skills, along with the various services and items offered on or through it, they must refrain from:




(a) Damage the honour, reputation, image, honor or any other right of the personality of any third party that could cause any damage, for which Radio Formula Digital disclaims any responsibility that could generate moral or patrimonial damage due to any content uploaded to the Website or App by any User or any third party (b) insert their own advertisements, position brands or any other promotional content of their own or third parties in any of the contents, materials or services or materials of the Website, (c) use, redistribute, republish or exploit content or services of the Website in any way and for any purpose of commercial speculation, profit or economic benefit; or (d) attempt to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems through the Website or restricted sections thereof.




In turn, Users undertake not to: i) evade technological protection measures for illicit purposes as well as access the website's databases without authorization, access without authorization to email addresses, wireless addresses or other personal information or of contacts, or any other automatic means of obtaining lists of Users or other information from or through the Website or the services offered on or through it; (ii) obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorized access to computer systems, databases, materials or information, by any means; (iii) use the Website or the services made available on or through it, with the intention of interrupting, damaging, disabling, overburdening or impairing the Website or its services; including, but not limited to, sending mass unsolicited messages or flooding servers with unwanted requests; (iv) use the Website, its services, content or articles in violation of the intellectual or industrial property rights of Radio Formula Digital or any third party; or (v) use the Website or its services in violation of any applicable national or foreign law.




Additionally, the User who enters the Website, App, Social Networks and Alexa Skills undertakes not to attempt or carry out the destruction, decoding, or otherwise alteration or interference of them, their services and/or their content; as well as in general to make any use not authorized by Radio Formula Digital.




Users of this Website, App, Social Networks and Alexa Skills undertake NOT to carry out any cyber or electronic attack against the website and its resources to damage, disable, overload or deteriorate it or interfere with the navigation of any other person to use and enjoy the Website or App.




Any User who carries out any of the illicit activities described in this section will be responsible for any damages that may be caused to Radio Formula Digital, as well as any criminal and administrative sanctions that may be legally applicable due to their conduct.








Radio Formula Digital may provide online services such as; social networks, Alexa Skills, messaging, blogs, any other to share ideas. Therefore, the User must refrain from: a) restrict or inhibit any other User from using and enjoying the Website, App or its services, 1) from conduct that is illegal, threatening, abusive, gender-based violence, slanderous, defamatory, offensive, pornographic, sexually explicit contrary to morality and good customs, 2) uses without authorization copyright, industrial property, confidential information, industrial secrets, rights of privacy or publicity or any other property right, 3) contains a virus, element of espionage or other harmful component, which represent a cyber or electronic attack. 4) Contains fixed links, advertising, chain letters or pyramid schemes of any type, 5) impersonation of people including any internal person of Radio Formula Digital. 6) Make sales or offers of products. 7) Market counterfeit merchandise. 8) Theft of payment data (credit card, 9) Imitate others to trick customers into purchasing from a site (Phishing). 10) Publish fake news.






For no reason is Radio Formula Digital under any obligation to review each and every one of the contents that circulate in its online services through its Website, App, Social Networks and Alexa Skills, but reserves the right at all times, but not the obligation, to monitor and/or review and/or supervise all materials sent to the Website or App by Users, and at no time will it be responsible for said materials.








Users of the website are prohibited from using links within the Radio Formula Digital website, which may violate the copyright or industrial property rights of any third party.




Radio Formula Digital reserves the right to remove any link that it considers violates these Terms and Conditions.








The user of this website undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless radio formula digital, its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, affiliated and subsidiary companies, with respect to any demand, action, claim, liability, costs and expenses of any nature, including attorneys' fees, that may be incurred as a result of any violation of these terms and conditions; as well as for the placement or transmission of any message, content, information, software or other materials through the website, or the non-compliance or violation of applicable current legislation.




Radio Formula Digital reserves the right at all times, at the expense of the party obliged to indemnify, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter subject to indemnification and in such case, the User obliged to indemnify itself unconditionally obliges to cooperate with Radio Formula Digital in the corresponding defense.








Radio Formula Digital reserves the right to make links to various websites, but is not responsible for any violation of third party rights, therefore no legal, real or material relationship, sponsorship, association that may obligate Radio Formula Digital with any of these third parties, their contents, as well as the materials and data that are publicly communicated through the indicated links.








The following procedure is established so that any User of the Website, App, Social Networks, Alexa Skills or a third party, who considers that any of the contents of these platforms violate intellectual property rights, the interested party must send a signed letter under protest to tell the truth addressed to Radio Formula Digital, which contains at least the following elements: (a) personal data: name, address, telephone number and email address; copy of official identification on both sides, in the case of legal entities, you must also attach the document proving your legal personality; ; (b) precise and complete indication of the content protected by the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed, as well as its location on the WEBSITE URL address, App, Social Networks or Alexa Skills in order to locate the intellectual property rights allegedly raped,; (c) express declaration and under oath of truth, that the indicated contents have been created without the consent of the owner thereof; It is the responsibility of the claimant to ensure that the information provided in the notification is accurate and that the introduction of the content constitutes, in his or her opinion, a violation of his or her intellectual property rights.




These notifications must be sent to Calle San Isidro, Number 44, Floor 7, Colonia Reforma Social, C.P. 11650, Miguel Hidalgo Mayor's Office, in Mexico City.




The site offered by Radio Formula Digital may modify its contents, design, configuration or any of the parts of the site without prior notice. By accessing the website https://www.radioformula.com.mx/ or the Radio Formula App, the User accepts the use of them and the contents under their strict and exclusive responsibility, so Radio Formula digital does not will at no time and under any circumstances be responsible for any damage or problem that may arise in the computer equipment, cell phone, tablet (Hardware) or computer programs (Software) that the User uses to access or navigate any part of the site.


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