Conjunto Africa

Conjunto África is a Mexican musical group known for their fusion of Afro-Caribbean rhythms and cumbia. Throughout their career, they released several albums under the Discos Orfeón label, standing out in the music scene for their vibrant and energetic performances. With songs that blend African and Latin influences, Conjunto África achieved a unique style that resonated with audiences. Their music, characterized by catchy rhythms and infectious lyrics, has left a lasting mark on the tropical music genre in Mexico.

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Conjunto África is an emblematic Mexican cumbia group originating from Monterrey, Nuevo León. Founded in the 1970s, the band became one of the most prominent exponents of the genre in Mexico. Their unique and energetic style, combined with catchy lyrics and danceable rhythms, propelled them to fame throughout the region. Conjunto África closely collaborated with Discos Orfeón, releasing several albums that became best-sellers and helped popularize cumbia in Mexico and beyond. Iconic songs like "La Cumbia Africana" and "La Pollera Colorá" became anthems of Latin music and secured Conjunto África's place in the history of Mexican music

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