Ni Juana La Cubana

By Rigo Domínguez Y Su Grupo Audaz

"Ni Juana La Cubana" is an album by Rigo Domínguez y su Grupo Audaz, released under the Discos Orfeón label. It's an album that stands out for its vibrant mix of tropical rhythms and cumbia, featuring songs that invite dancing and fun. Rigo Domínguez, known for his charisma and talent, leads Grupo Audaz in creating catchy melodies and memorable lyrics that reflect the joy of Latin music. "Ni Juana La Cubana" is a clear example of Discos Orfeón's ability to promote and distribute music that deeply resonates with fans of cumbia and tropical rhythms.

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Track List - 9 Songs
Manuel Gonzalez | Grever Music Publishing
Angelica Delgadillo Martinez | Mantram
Norberto Eduardo Toscano | Mantram
Genoveva Pantoja Mireles, Jose Antonio Coria | Mantram
Mario Molina Montes, Jesús Rincón Cardenas | Mantram
Oscar Taxilaga Luna | Mantram
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