Los Hitters

By Los Hitters

Los Hitters by Los Hitters is an album released in 1965 by Discos Orfeón. It's an album that marked a milestone in the Mexican rock scene, featuring a mix of international hit covers and original songs that captured the youthful energy of the era. With their distinctive style and influence on rock music in Mexico, Los Hitters established themselves as one of the most important bands of their time, and this album stands as a testament to their talent and creativity.

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Track List - 10 Songs
Wes Farrell, Bert Russell | Beechwood
Robert Maxwell, Matt Malneck | EMLASA
Gene Chrisman, Prentiss Mcphail, Travis Lavoid Wammack | Pendiente
Keith Graham Goulman | Peer International Corporation
Eugene Kurtz Jr., Roy | Universal
Juan Jose Garcia Aragon | Editorial Orfeón
Freddie King, Sonny Thompson | Aberbach De México
Rodolfo Tovar Herrera | Editorial Orfeón
William Black Patton | Pendiente
Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller, Benjamin Nelson | Sony Music
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